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Councilliars good or bad?
No new posts Councilliars Allowances

It seems that even at times of great austerity the councilliars still dipped further into the council tax trough. Good thing or bad?

18 Moderators Removing Factual Comments from PossetAnnette
Last change: 06.09.2014 09:58
Skate Park
No new posts Skating on thin ice

Many people have seen how some councillors distorted the planning process and used political (and personal) persuasion to thwart a skate park at Portishead Lake Grounds that already had planning permission

3 Consultations by David Pasley from PossetAnnette
Last change: 08.09.2015 23:59
Boy Racers / Speed Humps
No new posts Over publicised by a few?

Is the boyracer problem being over publicised because yet again people are not tolerant anymore and forget that, much to their envy, they too were young once.

14 Boyracers from PossetAnnette
Last change: 17.08.2014 17:21
New Developments
No new posts Good Points / Bad Points

Lot of good, a lot of bad. What are your views on the new developments?

4 Bad for the Town from PossetAnnette
Last change: 19.08.2014 20:52
School Places
No new posts Any thoughts?

Every year... yep every year. Is education so far down the list of priorities these days that school places asare still an issue

2 Cabstand from Kelvin
Last change: 29.06.2014 05:50
North Somerset 'LIFE'
No new posts Life but not as we know it

North Somerset 'Life' mag. Costs the council taxpayer £240,000 a year, ends up in the recycling bin in seconds which then proabbly costs even more to dispose of. Do we need it?

5 Waste of money from TruthTeam
Last change: 08.06.2014 22:34
Famous Councilliar Quotes
No new posts Quotes to relish!

Many a fine quote has passed the lips of our fabled Councilliars. Share some that you may have heard, we will be.

3 Fave quotes! from Sue
Last change: 11.10.2015 01:07
Sea Wall
No new posts Sea Wall. Why the drawn out hassle?

There has been a lot of controversy over the Sea wall. Mostly as always based on misinformation pumped out to the community by those with personal agendas. Please leave your views.

2 Sea Wall Walk from Thurti
Last change: 09.06.2014 09:21
No new posts Village Quarter Residents victims of fraud?

Residents who have purchased homes in the Village Quarter have paid fees to the Sea Walla Commision every year. These fees were to cover the maintenance of a sea wall that was claimed to be the main sea defence for their properties. Now it had become common knowledge this was not the case, should residmnets be given a full refund of monies paid? What happenned to that money?

2 Sea Defence?? from Thurti
Last change: 09.06.2014 09:30
Lake Road
No new posts Who Pays?

Section 230 of the 1980 Act empowers the highway authority to order the frontagers to carry out repairs to a private road which are "needed to obviate danger to traffic". The legislation also allows the authority to carry out the work itself if the order is ignored and to recover the expenses incurred from the frontagers."

2 Lake Road, Private or not? from Kelvin
Last change: 13.05.2014 07:38
Council Meeting Hijinks
No new posts Hypocrisy In Action

You can always rely on the hypocrisy and double standards that mar our towns character to shine at council meetings....

18 NIMBY or Against Skateparks Altogether? from PossetAnnette
Last change: 20.08.2014 22:24
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